2015 PACNY Award Winners (3 Of 3) – Grace Episcopal Church, H. Lee White Marine Museum, And Robert Branshaw/Wayne Drugs


6:00 p.m. Thurs. May 21, 2015 – CNY Philanthropy Center, 431 E. Fayette Street, Syracuse

Please Note: We will be accepting additional RSVPs for the next few days for our 2015 Awards Ceremony at the CNY Philanthropy Center – but do contact us soon! Reservations can be made at by email: email@pacny.net or by phone: (315) 214-6439

Please join us as we honor those advocates who have made significant contributions to the preservation of Central New York’s historic resources and celebrate the strengthening of our regions historic infrastructure. We are very excited to celebrate the wonderful preservation stories of this past year and hope you will join us in supporting this cause.

Stewardship Award – Grace Episcopal Church (Syracuse)

2015may19_Grace_ChurchPACNY is pleased to present a Stewardship Award to Grace Episcopal Church, Crawford & Stearns Architects, Gary Wright, and St. Germaine & Aupperle Engineers for the rehabilitation of the Grace Episcopal Church Parish House in Syracuse.

The Grace Episcopal Church Parish House was damaged by a fire in 2013. The parish began its work by convening a “Restoration Committee” that met to envision and guide the rebuilding. Throughout the project, the committee sought to make necessary upgrades while preserving the historic character of the building. The quality of its design and construction resulted from a collaborative effort among parishioners, designers, and contractors.

PACNY would like to congratulate and thank Grace Episcopal Church for their thoughtful repair and maintenance of this historic building and community resource.

Stewardship Award – H. Lee White Marine Museum (Oswego)

2015may19_HLWMM1PACNY is pleased to present a Stewardship Award to the H. Lee White Marine Museum for their continued and exceptional efforts advocating for and preserving the maritime history, heritage, and culture of Oswego.

The H. Lee White Marine Museum has served for many years telling the history and stories of shipping on the Great Lakes. It is a center for research with many wonderful exhibits and educational programs. They are also the stewards of the LT-5, a National Historic Landmark and the only surviving tugboat from the D-Day invasion in World War II. Most recently, they achieved listing on the National Register for Derrick Boat 8, a working boat from the Erie Canal.

The museum has recently taken on their most important challenge – the restoration of the iconic Oswego Lighthouse. The lighthouse is a symbol of the community and its restoration is an important part of maintaining not only history, but also community pride. PACNY is proud to recognize the H. Lee White Marine Museum for their stewardship and advocacy for the historic resources of the City of Oswego.

Stewardship Award – Robert Branshaw/Wayne Drugs (Oswego)

2015may19_waynedrugfacade3PACNY is pleased to present this Stewardship Award to Robert Branshaw, the owner of Wayne Drug Store, in recognition of his efforts and success to restore the historic department store façade and contribute to maintaining the character and integrity of Bridge Street in Oswego.

The Wayne Drug Store façade restoration was a collaboration between Robert Branshaw and the City of Oswego Community Development Office, who obtained funding through the New York Main Street Grant Program to assist the façade rehabilitation. Crawford & Stearns Architects designed a historically sensitive façade for the building, which had been changed immensely from its original character.

PACNY applauds Robert Branshaw for reinvesting in his historic building and keeping the pharmacy as a pillar of downtown Oswego during a time when the majority of pharmacies are moving to suburban locations with drive-thru access. This project serves as a wonderful example of how downtown commercial redevelopment can be a win-win for business owners and the community.

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