Eight That Can’t Wait

Challenged Historic Properties

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2021 Eight That Can’t Wait

2019  Eight That Can’t Wait

2018  Eight That Can’t Wait

The Eight That Can’t Wait, an annual highlight of PACNY’s advocacy mission, is intended to raise public awareness about challenged historic resources in the five-county Central New York region and provide support for their preservation. Such lists are a common tool among preservation organizations and include the National Trust’s “Eleven Most Endangered” list at the national level, and the Preservation League of New York State’s “Seven to Save” at the state level. In addition to raising public awareness through traditional and social media outlets, PACNY tracks progress on the Eight and offers non-financial support to property owners and community members to help achieve a positive outcome.

The annual listing sometimes includes roll-overs from the prior year for historic properties that remain challenged and still warrant preservation assistance. Removal of a property from the list does not necessary mean the preservation challenge has been resolved. 

Updates to the original listings are provided at the top of each property’s listing. Also check out PACNY’s Instagram and Facebook pages for updates on these and other properties.

Where are the 2020 Eight That Can’t Wait?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PACNY did not call for new nominations in 2020.

How are nominations selected? Read here