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2014 PACNY Award Features Part 1 – Karen Howe, Laura Serway & Cindy Seymour Of Laci’s Tapas Bar, And Sheldon Hall – SUNY Oswego

2014 PACNY Award Feature #1 – Karen Howe

2014may19_howePACNY is pleased to present this Stewardship Award to Karen Howe in recognition of her dedication to preserving and restoring the Barnes-Hiscock Mansion on James Street in Syracuse.

Karen Howe has given tremendous personal effort to support the continued growth of the George & Rebecca Barnes Foundation. The Barnes-Hiscock Mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is part of the Underground Railroad Network to Freedom.

Under Karen’s leadership, the Foundation has significantly expanded awareness of this important historic site, organized new programs, developed key relationships, and successfully pursued grants and other fundraising opportunities.

PACNY congratulates Karen Howe for her achievement and is thankful for her dedication and advocacy for one of Syracuse’s finest historic landmarks.

2014 PACNY Award Feature #2 – Laura Serway and Cindy Seymour of Laci’s Tapas Bar

2014may19_lacisPACNY is pleased to present this Stewardship Award to Laura Serway and Cindy Seymour in recognition of their restoration and care of Laci’s Tapas Bar in Syracuse.

Laura Serway and Cindy Seymour renovated a historic house in Hawley Green with good taste and verve to transform it into what has become a very popular restaurant and bar in Hawley Green Historic District. Their restaurant serves as a vibrant and welcoming focal point that contributes to the preservation and vitality of the Hawley Green neighborhood.

In addition, Ms. Serway and Ms. Seymour have mentored other local independent restaurant owners and are active in numerous community groups including Safe Kids of Central New York, the New York State Brain Injury Association, the Priscilla Mahar Animal Foundation, and the Northeast Hawley Green Development Association.

PACNY is very pleased to recognize Laura Serway and Cindy Seymour for their contribution to the preservation and vitality of the Hawley Green Neighborhood.

2014 PACNY Award Feature #3 – Sheldon Hall – SUNY Oswego

2014may19_sheldonPACNY is pleased to present a Stewardship Award to SUNY Oswego in recognition of their outstanding care for Sheldon Hall in Oswego.

Sheldon Hall, completed in 1913 and originally constructed to house the Oswego Normal School, is a three-story, Neoclassical-style building made of brick with limestone, marble, and terra cotta accents. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 and today serves as the gateway to SUNY Oswego’s campus.

The college recently undertook extensive renovations to weatherproof and improve the energy efficiency of the structure while maintaining its historic integrity. Additional partners involved in the renovation project include the State University Construction Fund, Jablonski Building Conservation, PAC and Associates of Oswego, and WASA/Studio A.

PACNY congratulates and applauds SUNY Oswego for their outstanding stewardship and attention to detail in maintaining this significant regional landmark.