Nomination Process for the Eight That Can’t Wait

PACNY solicits nominations for the Eight That Can’t Wait from its membership and the public at large. Properties must be in PACNY’s five-county Central New York region (Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Onondaga, Oswego).

Submitted nominations will be reviewed by the PACNY Advocacy Committee and selected by the PACNY Board of Directors at the first or second meeting following the nomination deadline. Selected properties will be presented at the PACNY annual awards ceremony, usually held in October.

Nomination Criteria

The PACNY Board of Directors will consider the following criteria in selecting nominations from the five-county Central New York region to the Eight That Can’t Wait (not presented in order of importance):

1. Historical Significance

Properties will be ranked based on significance through  (individually or as part of a district):

  • Association with events significant in history or
  • Association with people significant in history or
  • Embodiment of distinctive characteristics of a type, style, period, or method of construction (architecture, engineering, landscape, art, etc.)

These three criteria will be further ranked based on a property:

  • Being a rare-surviving example
  • Retaining a high-level of historical integrity

2. Endangerment

Properties will be ranked based on the degree of threat posed by:  

  • Abandonment
  • Neglect, lack of maintenance
  • New development (private or public)
  • Historically inappropriate alterations (loss of integrity)
  • Policies that pose the potential for endangerment (such as rezoning)
  • Long-stalled or failed redevelopment proposals
  • Owner who is opposed to preservation of the property

3. Education and Awareness

Properties will be ranked based on:

  • Need for increasing public understanding or awareness
  • Need to increase visibility of the threat

4. Legal Framework

Properties will be ranked based on extent of existing legal protections:

  • State and National Register listing, or eligibility determination
  • Local preservation ordinance
  • Land-use zoning or local planning that encourages preservation
  • Preservation easement or covenant in deed

5. Potential for Catalytic Impact

Properties will be ranked based on potential for listing on the Eight That Can’t Wait to:

  • Reinforce existing community and municipal efforts to address the threat
  • Reinforce potential adaptive reuse/redevelopment

6. Feasibility

The PACNY board will consider the feasibility of preservation (restoration, rehabilitation):

  • Condition that is not beyond repair
  • Potential for reuse/redevelopment
  • Existence of current or future willing property owners