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“Endangered Churches” – From PBS’ Religion & Ethics Newsweekly – Featuring 2013 Symposium Keynote Speaker A. Robert Jaeger

A recent story featured on the PBS program Religion & Ethics Newsweekly includes a discussion with A. Robert Jaeger, the President of Partners for Sacred Places and keynote speaker for our 2013 Sacred Places Symposium.

Across the nation, declining church membership is taking its toll on the physical state of houses of worship. In Philadelphia, churches are venturing into new partnerships to try and preserve their historic buildings. “Congregations have shrunk so much and budgets have shrunk so much that it’s hard for congregations to keep up with their buildings,” observes Bob Jaeger, president of Partners for Sacred Places, who calls the neglect of houses of worship a national crisis. “Unless they do something creative and bold, many of them will close or merge in the next ten, twenty years,” he adds.

You can watch the segment from the PBS video below or see the official show page featuring a transcript of the event.

PACNY Press Release – Sacred Places Symposium – November 16, 2013



September 13, 2013

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jeanie Gleisner (315) 720-7169

2013sept12_sacredplacesThe Preservation Association of Central New York today announced that it will present the first ‘Sacred Places Symposium’ on Saturday, NOVEMBER 16th, at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, at 310 Montgomery Street in Syracuse, New York. This one-day event will address the many challenges and opportunities associated with some of the region’s most culturally and architecturally valued buildings and places – including insights and case studies on assessing, maintaining, funding, and reusing religious properties and sacred sites.

This informative Symposium will bring together an array of expert practitioners to discuss (in two learning tracks) the issues that can determine the fate of these magnificent community places, and the neighborhoods that surround them. Featured speakers will include experts in the preservation and planning fields, including A. Robert Jaeger, Co-Founder and President of Partners for Sacred Places, who will give a keynote address on the importance of protecting, preserving, and repurposing our Sacred Places. Mr. Jaeger is the co-author of Sacred Places at Risk (1998) and Strategies for Stewardship and Active Use of Older and Historic Religious Properties (1996), author of Sacred Places in Transition (1994), and editor (from 1985 to 1989) of Inspired, a bi-monthly magazine with news and technical articles on religious property preservation.

There will be a registration fee for the all day symposium which will be offered to the general public, with a discounted fee to PACNY members. Membership options are available at www.pacny.net.

Additional information about the Preservation Association of Central New York and the upcoming ‘Sacred Places Symposium’ can be found at pacny.net.