Eight That Can’t Wait – 2019

The 2019 list of historic properties for the Eight That Can’t Wait was selected by the PACNY Board of Directors based on nominations submitted by the public and the board. Three properties from the 2018 list are carried over to 2019 because of their significance and PACNY’s ongoing efforts to help affect a positive outcome. In addition, the 2018 region-wide issue of urban neighborhood church buildings has been carried over from 2018 with new examples.

Click on the names below to read about the history, challenges, and opportunities for each property

New Listings, 2019

Madison County:  Oneida Community Mansion House (City of Oneida)

Onondaga County: Temple Concord (City of Syracuse)

Onondaga County: Garrett House and Dunfee House (City of Syracuse)

Onondaga County: H. A. Moyer Factories (City of Syracuse)

Oswego County: Roman Catholic Church Buildings (City of Oswego)

Carry-overs from 2018 Still Waiting!

Onondaga County: Oakwood Cemetery Entrance Area (City of Syracuse)

Onondaga County: First Baptist Church – Mizpah Tower (City of Syracuse)

Cayuga County:  Osborne Library (City of Auburn)